Seals Extreme Tour skirt leaks

I used my new Seals neo skirt last night for the second time, on calm water. It’s neoprene with a breathable waterproof tunnel, and both times I’ve used it I’ve emerged from my boat with soaked crotch and legs. I do wear a North Water rescue/throw bag at my waist, which tends to depress the skirt a bit, but hey waterproof should mean waterproof, right? Anyone else encounter this? There’s a seam there that I could aquaseal, but should I have to?

Oh crap…
don’t say that. i just ordered a Seals Randed Sprayskirt. I will let you know if I have a problem. Thanks for the heads up because if I do I will send it back immediately. :slight_smile:

The fabric probably is
but the seams may not necessarily be waterproof.

Skirt leaks

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My experience is that water usually gets in between the tunnel and my torso, especially around the spine. My Mountain Surf skirt has a great seal to the coaming but I do feel that cold trickle along my spine when I flip. The boat stays dry only when I wear a drytop with a double tunnel.

no problems here…
i had the same skirt and had no issues at all.

i did notice that water can pool if the tunnel sags at all, and in another skirt i had (coated nylon) that would eventually lead to a leak. but, i just made sure i hitched it up a little higher than normal before i set out.

i don’t believe any skirt is totally watertight. i now have an all neo mountainsurf and it leaks!

send it back, i’m sure they’ll take care of it.

Leaky skirts
I have had 2 Seals skirts (Shocker and Sea Shocker), and found that if you use the whitewater version, it leaks a lot less.

The touring skirts generally have “one size fits all” tunnels, which scoop up water when you roll, or have a wave break over you (2 things that happen to me a lot). The whitewater tunnel is tighter, and does not leak anywhere near as much in my experience. Other than the tunnel, the skirts are identical in fit on my boats.

I’m probably going to get their “Mariner” model in the next couple of weeks, so we’ll see how that one stacks up.