seals for older stohlquist dry suit?

My friend has an older coated-nylon stohlquist drysuit, and we’re trying to replace the gaskets on it. The ankles where gaskets or booties attach appears to be 14", instead of 15" (like any modern suits I’ve repaired). Do you know where I can find latex socks with a 14" cuff?



Kayak Academy.


Or check scuba shops
The diving drysuits may have different diameter socks available.

Had a similar problem …

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with an old Kokatat suit. They used to put a smaller cuff on the small drysuits and the new gaskets won't fit. The nice folks at Kokatat said send it back and they would put the gaskets on after they replaced the cuffs. Ended up with a nice coated nylon drysuit with GoreTex cuffs!

So, my point is, if you can't find gaskets maybe see if one of the drysuit repair shops can sew new ankle cuffs on it.

Did ya’ call Stohlquist?
Call the Alamossa, CO outlet where they do their R/D and Warranty work.

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