Seals skirt sizing

I am trying to find a skirt for my kayak. I was looking for skirts online and found a 1.7 seals skirt. I was unsure if I should go for a 1.4 or 1.7 skirt. I haven’t found a sizing guide online, is there a way for me to know other than trying one on the boat? The kayak is a Mega Jester Cyclone and was not on the seals website sizing list.

Trying to talk to someone at Seals is a pain. They don’t want to interact at all with end-users it seems.
But you can talk to Tom at Top-Kayaker and he is probably going to be a man who can help.

See kayak manufactures/ models

Bring the boat by to the Store and try on a ProShocker 1.4 & 1.7 in real life. While you’re at it you can see how a Large or XLarge deck Shockwave by Immersion Research fits as well.

When Old School is the out of the box solution.

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I have a 1.7 nylon and a 2.2 neoprene sealsskirt for my Stratos 14.5l. The website calls for a 1.7. The 1.7 really tight and a bit of a wrestling match to put on. The 2.2 fits very well and is a little easier to put on. The cockpit is 19x35.

The sizing page lists three Mega models, all “made to order”…

I had to go to REI to order a nylon skirt for my Epic 18X, took many months. I didn’t see how the REI go between added any value to the process.

REI didn’t have the skirt on hand I presume. In that case you’re right, no benefit.

Measure the length and width of the cockpit combing. You may also want to measure the total circumference of it too (for Immersion Research skirt sizing). You can compare that to the size of other kayak cockpits and choose a skirt that way.

For example, the cockpit of my WS Tsunami is 35.5"x19.25". When I bought my Dagger RPM Max, I measured the cockpit and it was similar enough in size, so I knew the skirt for the Tsunami would fit fine.

Are you looking at a full neo skirt or a nylon or nylon/neo combo model? I have noticed that Seals often has different sizes for any model boat depending on whether it is a full neo or full or partial fabric skirt.

I ask because years ago I owned 3 kayaks that were classified as fitting a 1.7 Seals neo skirt on Seals’ chart and I therefor ordered one. No way could I get that skirt on ANY of the 3 boats, whether I was trying to fit it straddling it in my yard or sitting in the cockpit. Even with somebody helping me I got it on the whitewater boat once but it was so tight I was afraid I would not be easily able to pop it off for a wet exit. On one of the other boats (an old Dagger sea kayak), which had a wide coaming lip, it would pop off the rim whenever I moved. I ended up getting other brands of skirts for all the boats.

In fact, after that hassle and too many other experiences having to mail order skirts that don’t fit, I will usually order two close sizes if a model has them and then return the one that is not the better fit. Most kayak vendors are sympathetic to this situation and don’t fuss about handling the returns. It is worth paying a few bucks for return postage to get a good fit.

I wish Seals would just post the actually minimum-maximum dimensions on their skirts instead of doing the model matchup chart. I bought a couple of PeakUK skirts last year and they are VERY specific in their sizing charts including offering different shapes, like oval, round “sea” style and keyhole to get a more precise fit. The folks at Umingmaq Outfitters in Wisconsin were very helpful in handling the fitting and shipping. Very nice small paddling gear shop.

For a neoprene skirt, it will take some stretching at first. When I first bought a neoprene skirt, I wrestled the thing on, and it was so tight I thought it was too small. Once I got it on, I left it on for a few days. Prior to using it now, I stretch it a bit before using it. The last time I used it, I got it wet first. HUGE difference, it went on much easier, and it’s still tight enough where I don’t worry about it coming off during rolling practice unless I pull the grab loop. The cockpit is the same dimensions you list, and the skirt is comparable in size to a Seals 1.7.

I noticed cockpit width is as important as length when sizing. You might be better asking the boat company than the skirt people. Borrow one to try on or take the boat to the store to try on.