Seals spray skirt sizing help

i have an odd kayak and im trying to find a seals sprayskirt. i know a size 1.2 or 1.4 should fit but need info on size difference between 1.2 and 1.4? if a 1.4 fits will a 1.2 also fit but be tighter?

Might help if you gave dimensions. The diff between some skirts can be shape, longer and narrower versus wider and shorter, but same surface area total.

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I was told the Seals size is how many meters the circumference of the skirt is. So a 1.4 skirt is 0.2 meters (or 20 centimeters, just under 8") larger circumference than a 1.2 skirt. Only trouble with that is you can have a short wide cockpit or a long narrow one. I prefer sizing charts like PeakUK’s, which take general shape (round, oval, keyhole, etc.) and length and width minimums and maximums into consideration.

I’ve found that the “recommended” sizes for all-neoprene rand grip type Seals skirts (for ww or surf) are often so snug that they require the strength of the Hulk to put on, which doesn’t inspire comfort when you know you might want to pull it off in a capsize. So going 8" smaller than their suggested size would probably prove impossible to stretch on – or if you did manage, would be the devil to remove OR it would be under such tension it would creep over the lip and pop off with any movement.

1.2 is on my Extreme 1.4 is on my Solstice

What kayak is it? Someone here may of had or have it currently? Call Seals? Dimensions as suggested above?

I wouldn’t want to try and get the 1.2 Extreme skirt on the 1.4 Solstice. I do use the 1.4 on the 1.2 boat and it fits good for most paddling situations. Big water or surf you’d want the tighter 1.2 on the Extreme.

Years ago atthe Outdoor Retailer tradeshow, i talked to tge owner of Seals about the difference between1.4 and 1.7 (as I was using a 1.4 neoprene on a boat they recommended a 1.7 on), and he said th3y weren’t that different. So presumably a 1.2 and 1.4 aren’t that different in circumference either.

That said, as mentioned before, shape matter. And neo deck is more stretchy than nylon, so neo has a better chance of working if not right size/shape.

Take a photo like this of your cockpit. Send it to Seals. They will tell you what you need.


YankeeDog thats very close to my WS Cape Horn
any chance you have a neo skirt size for your boat?

I have 4 boats I need skits for. I went on a buying spree to upgrade our boats. I managed to buy all four for 900 + some time running around and researching. the boats I need neo skirts for are:
WS 14’ cape horn 32x19
Point 65 sea cruiser 17.4’ 35 1/4 x 20 1/2
2 x Necky Looksha sportLV 14’ 33x20

I have 2 use skirts coming to try and get a better idea of sizing. I need them tight fitting for wavy conditions in lake Ontario. I found 2 deals at less then half price. Im going for cold weather outfitting for the lake. I found a seals 1.8 and a NRS drylander in Medium. Im hoping these fit the WS and point 65. Now Im searching for the two Necky Looksha LV boats. The nrs drylander should fit those but when buying used because of budget constraints knowing what I need first is key. Im also searching for dry suits. Found two of those needing seal replacements. I now need to find a good source for wrist and ankle seals.

mine is nylon in size 1.7.

If you have a small keyhole, look at the Whetman spray decks. The Pilgrim/Echo deck size they produce fit our keyhole Anas Acuta perfectly (if you like a tight fit).

Anas Acuta keyhole size: 32.5" long(82.5cm) x 18"(45.7cm)wide, outside edge of coaming to outside edge.

I have an unused Sea to Summit Neon size L neoprene deck skirt with adjustable nylon tunnel that is a hair too big for any of my kayaks. Size range is 90 to 100 cm long and 53 to 58 cm wide so it might fit your Point 65 if you haven’t found one that works yet. I ‘ll sell/send it cheap ($30 plus postage) if you want it.

Peak UK makes a wide range of skirt sizes too and even different shapes. Though they are British imports, prices are reasonable and they are very well designed and made. Umingmaq Touring Center in Wisconsin stocks them and was very helpful with me in getting the right size for one of my oddball cockpits.