Sealskinz Socks

I discovered these great socks called Sealskinz. Does anyone else use them? I used to wear my Gill sailing booties on my SOT for keeping my feet dry in winter on beach launches and landings, but of course if I happened to step in water above the length of the booties, I’d get wet anyway. Sealskinz seal around my calves, so I can step in water above the top of the socks without my feet getting wet. I wear my Salomon amphibious shoes over them, and capilene sock liners under them. They’re great because they feel more like a regular sock than a neoprene bootie, and can be worn under sneakers, hiking boots, or any other kind of footwear, which is great if you need a shoe more supportive than a river shoe for long portages, etc.

(I hate having cold feet)

Yeah I use a pair. I like them alot. I wear them inside my “Bean” boots in the winter for wetfooting my canoe.

i’ve tried all their stuff …
doesn’t matter whether it’s their socks, gloves, or whatevers … they all leak live a sieve.

I have 3 pair
and they work good for me. Besides keeping your feet dry, they keep em warmer in the winter.

I have a pair of their gloves. One glove began leaking almost immediately.

The worst thing is the incredible STINK they get if you don’t wash them after every use, then turn inside out and put over a hot-air register.

They are not breathable despite what their ads say. Clammy!

But despite their flaws, I like these gloves because they are still warmer than bare hands, and they are the only gloves I’ve ever worn that preserve good hand feel on the paddle. No neoprene squirm at all. The thinness combined with rubber grip dots work well.

Glacier gloves
That’s what I wear on my hands

Mine have been fine.
I wear the socks in cooler weather under my watershoes. They do keep my feet dry but are not very breathable. I do like them though and have not experienced any leaks.

calf length
the calf length ones work well,but if there’s any chance of swimming they aren’t worth it.

excellent product!
I have two pair of Seal Socks, one short pair purchased in '97 and a tall pair purchased in '02. They have worked great for me. 100% water proof and still breathable. I originally bought them for bicycle commuting on rainy days, but when I got into kayaking, I used them there also.

Must have poor QC!

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I bought a pair of first and second generation ones and they both were very leaky. Never looked back, bought them from an outdoor store I did not like the second time and took them back.

Not ISO 9000
Small companies like that often have poor QC. I guess I’m lucky I got a good pair.

Mine leaked too, and they make my feet sweat!! i like my NRS thigh high mukluks much much better… of course NOW its warm enough to just pop on some tevas!!


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I have both gloves and socks, and they all leaked water pretty well right out of the package. Quite disappointing, really.

Using them 4 seasons now
Wouldn’t springtime WW Raft without em and they fit in my Teva’s fine…

recommendations for good ones?
This is a timely thread as I was just about to order a pair of Sealskinz. Given the mixed reviews I’m inclined to hold off a while.

Any recommendations for a pair of “waterproof” socks to wear under Tevas, about calve-high, that will be good to use for take-outs, put-ins, and occasional sloshing around?

Lots of folks wear chota mukluks
I just use neoprene socks with polypro liners.

My Sealskinz also leaked.My
Chota lites are great.