Sealution kayak

One of my many daughters is looking at a used fiberglass Sealution Pro.

Can anyone that has one or has had one comment on them?

I am looking at both the positives and the negatives.

She is a very small paddler, (4’11"), but also a accomplished paddler.

she has not tried it yet, but will be shortly.

Thanks in advance,


I know a guy who has one. He is
average size and it almost seems too big for him.

I had one for a while…

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A Sealution II which is the RM version.
I had traded my Isthmus for it to use as a guest boat.
I liked it for what is was. Very well built. Playful with rudder up, very solid with the rudder down, needs rudder in any wind/chop. Not the fastest but very stable. Great downwind with rudder.
For a medium boat the sides of the cockpit were low so my legs just fit under the braces.The only common complaint on the RM was that in a decent chop the front hatch would would spray water up at the paddler.
It is very high in front of the cockpit..

I would have liked to try the FG Sealution. The only reason I let it go was to make room for the Kestrel.