Sealution Rudder

Curious if anyone has an old Wilderness Systems Sealution with a rudder? I bought a used Sealution last month and I think I’d like to put a rudder on it, just not sure where to get a rudder to fit the pointy bow. Any thoughts?

I had a Sealution…
That is one boat that is a totaly different boat when the rudder is down… I would say do it.

rudder kit
We have one sitting in our rental fleet I’ll check when I go in this am, but I believe one of the current basic rudder kits from WS will still fit the old Sealoution. The kit includes the bracket that gets attached to the stern (the nuts for the bolts should already be built into the boat). I’d agree that the Sealoution is a boat that benefits from a rudder upgrade, so it’s worth the investment.

sealution rudder
i’ve got a fiberglass sealution that does well except when there are strong winds from the side and tidal current. i think i’m getting weather helm and would benefit from a rudder.(it does’t have one now) would it be reasonable to add a rudder to this boat for this situation, and i saw mention of general complaints about this boat and i was wondering if this is the same problem that others have had. although i haven’t tried a lot of boats, other than this one little problem, i really like it. thanks in advance for any help with this.

loved it
sealution is great and I loved my red glass boat butrudder was terrible because no place to push with feet. Not sure that boat needs a rudder. The best rudder is the custom tiller rudder on myglider. I like rudders but not sure sealution needs it.