seam sealant

What would be recommended for sealing seams in a aluminum canoe? No serious leaks, but the canoe is about 25 yrs old and I want to maintain it for as long as I can. Thanks for your help, GREAT FORUM!!

Maybe RTV
Obviously you can’t get it between the layers, but a light bead along the seams should work. Of course if you beach it a lot it will wear.

Duct tape works well, though
its not pretty.

I’ve used Marine-tex
to repair the leaky canoes used by OB staff to get across the Baron river to Everglades City . That was in 02 , and when I was back in 04 they were still holding up . It’s a 2 part epoxy that will bond and seal long as the surface is preped right , cleaned , roughed up , dry , warm . ----get at marine supply stores , small and larger sizes . good luck -----M

hi mark
whats shaking? Sandy and I still have room available for kayaking in Glacier Bay. S