Seam tape

Where can you buy seam tape? My wife made us a beautiful nylon tarp and we’d like to tape the seams? Thank,


a seam tape machine welds the seam as it applies the tape and is verrrrrry expensive. Falcon just bought one used for I think $2500.

you can buy alot of seam grip fer that!


Iron-on heat seal tape

thar ya go!
learn sumthin’ new evryday!


Couple of ideas
Dan Cooke (the maker of Cooke Tundra Tarps) advised me to forget about sealing the long seams on my new 15x15 urethane-coated tarp. He said to seal teh center cluster of seams, where the pole pocket is. ANd my experience is that he is right.

Another possibility is to use a brush-on product like Thompsons for just the thread. Seams come under some pretty heavy stress in winds, so water-repellant thread goes a long way to keeping water out.