Search for heaviest kayak

So going on the recent weight reduction (New Year’s Resolution inspired I wonder) in kayaks, who knows what is the heaviest kayak that was/is produced. If you have a suggestion add it to the list and not just “My cousins kayak is so heavy” but a model and a weight.

If I remember correctly Old Town used to make a number of sea kayaks in their Polylink3 material. A 17’ model called the Millineum I believe (I’ll look it up) was 71lbs. Granted you could drag it behind the car instead of securing it to the top.

Any others?

Maybe it’ll make a good Trivial Pursuit-Paddling Edition at ECCKF in '09.

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Poly link 3 is heavy
I have a 14’ 9" Old Town Nantucket kayak that weighs over 65 lbs. It is very durable, and shows a lot less wear on the bottom than would a RM boat. It’s a trade off.

Do sit-on-tops count?
If so, once again it’s Old Town to the rescue. Some here recently asked about this one:

I can’t imagine that there’s a heavier paddle craft at that length in existance, but maybe someone will prove otherwise.

Anti-Aircraft Armor?
100 lbs at 13 ft ??? Wow I thought my old Smokercraft 17 ft canoe was heavy.

try this one…
the might ‘Southern Light’ - affectionately known as the ‘Southern Heavy’.

It weighs in at about 101.5 lbs.

But I think the Old Town Ambush has it beat for length to weight (if the website numbers are accurate).

How about the Riot Excursion - 72 lbs
Looks like a neat boat, though, for a large-ish, strong person who wants to carry a lot of geat.

I love the rocker profile on that one.

I’ve got…
a Pamlico Excel (now called the 160T) plastic tandem that is listed as 83 lbs. Before you add the trolling motor and car battery. With those added, I may win the prize, but then it’s not really a paddle craft when the motor is used.

It doesn’t get our very often, but it is wicked stable, a great way to take out the grandkids.