Searching for a plastic repair stick ?

I am trying to find a product called “Heat’n Fix”.

It is for repairing poly boats and any other plastic stuff.

It was made by Burke Flexo Products Co. which is or was a division of McClellan Industries.

I looked on the net, but struck out.

The stuff works great, but I am down to just a quarter of a stick left, and I would like to get some more.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Anything like p-tex?
I’m not familiar with the item you mentioned, but ski shops use something called p-tex for reparing plastic bases. It comes in stick form, and you melt it into the gouge. Just a thought.


Like Prijon Sticks?
Sounds like the same application and function. 1/2" stick about 5" long comes in a bunch of colors. $5. Sound right?

See you on the water,


Both of the above sound like the same
I’ll try one or the other.



Check with Ocean Kayak too.
They sell similar repair sticks for their SOTs.

In a pinch, trim some PP from somewhere/something else.