Searching for old wooden folders

I’ve got parts and pieces of several folding kayaks. I’m wondering if there are any 40’s or 50’s Kayaks left. I expect the hulls are un-usable but they can be copied.

There is a Facebook group I recently joined for folding kayak aficionados. There have already been a number of “for sale” and “in search of” posts shared. Redirecting...

I also often see assorted vintage folder parts listed on Ebay and know a number of owners, especially of Folbots and Kleppers, who regularly check those listings for parts. I’ve found parts for my Pakboat and Feathercraft folders on Ebay over the years.

I’ve really missed the former forum that went dark a couple of years ago, but I understand that it was a heavy burden for the solo administrator to keep up.

Thanks for the tip… I canceled my Facebook. To much spying.