Searching for Used Zephyr 15.5

I am looking for a good used (or meybe even new if necessary) W.S. Zephyr 15.5 kayak. I have a 16.0. I have lost a great deal of weight and I need a 15.5. I will be selling my 16.0.

Any ideas? Looked a craigslist and ebay and classifieds here.

I am in northern New England.

The 155 seems to be scarce…
I checked all the outfits that I’ve found used boats through and could find only a 160. I recently helped a friend find a new Z-155 and we got lucky finding one.

I’ve got a used 2012 Z-155 available but I’m in Wyoming thus not much use to you. I’ll keep an eye out for you though and drop a line if I spot something.

Sometimes ems sells off their kayaks for clearance this time of year, might be worth giving them a call.

Z 15.5
Great boat. Hope you find one.


Coming up blank
I can find new on sale lime green plastic. Nothing else. Not sure I could look at a lime green boat all day every paddle. I get the impression that W.S. might not be making this boat anymore?? Anyone know? If they are making it I could just wait till spring and buy full price (ugh).

Maybe I should consider an alternative? I am looking for a boat similar in paddling characteristics and size to a Zephyr 15.5.

Suggestions? Probably plastic - but might bite the bullet for glass. I’m an intermediate paddler, I use a greenland stick. I am 5/10" 170-180 lbs. I paddle lakes, rivers flat water and up to class two (in kayak), protected salt water but hope to get into more difficult salt water. I definitely want a loose maneuverable high rocker type boat with skeg. Will be used exclusively for day paddles and maybe an occasional overnight.

I think you should …

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Give the P&H Delphin a try. The larger of the two should fit you well, although the smaller might also work. For currents and play I thought it is better than the Zephyr due to the stability profile, flat bottom, and cockpit fit. The Zephyr I thought was slicier and smoother in small wind chop, and easier to roll with a lower rear deck. And is around 10lb lighter than the Delphin, which seemed significant to me both on and off the water.

Green shows up well
Very visable color on the water.

You could look around for a Delphin, fun day boat you can day paddle and light camp out of.

There’s a used Chatham 16 on here,

Fit or Kayak Length?
Are you set on the fit of the Z 15.5 or is it the size of the kayak that is of more prime importance. If it’s on the fit there might be some other suggestions in that performance category.

See you on the water,


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I agree on the Delphin. I’d guess that the 155 would be the right choice for you if you liked the Z-15.5. (I found the Zephyrs to be quite a large fit)

Design idea was the same with both of these boats - a play boat you can get around in for day paddles too. However, the Delphin is a higher-end construction. 3-layer plastic for a stiffer boat, much better hatch covers, and generally better build quality.

If you’re interested, I have a used Delphin 155 (and a 150 as well) for sale in Eastern Maine.

I’ll shoot you an email about your used Delphins.


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Marshall, I am not set on the fit. My goal is to find a boat that will have the paddling characteristics of the Zephyr - ie. loose, 15-16 feet, rocker. I have lost a great deal of weight and my Zephyr 16 is huge on me now. Any specific suggestions? Plastic or composite. Will be used for day paddles 90% of the time.

Sorry but
don’t have one.

I don’t know the Zwphyr, but the
Epic 16X is somewhat loose or playful, more so than my Eddyline Fathom LV, which is for sale.

Huge in the cockpit?
Is it anything some extra padding could fix?

Backup plan
In case the quest for a used Delphin doesn’t pan out I have a demo North Shore Ocean 17 that excels in surf. For should be what you’re describing. Performance is going to be a cross between the hyper maneuverability of the Delphin/Aries and fast cruise of the Cetus.

I think I put the review here on PNet. If not its here on my blog;

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Have you thought about a Dagger Alchemy
The Alchemy L fits much like the Z 155 (I have both) the Alchemy is not as “loose” or as fast the Zephyr, but they are compairable boats. The Zephyr is my favorite of the 2 of them, but the Alchemy can be turned as quickly if edged, the shorter length can be helpful in certain types of water.

Just bought an used Aries
I just purchased a used P&H Aries 15.5. So I am all set kayak wise for a while. Thanks for the input.