Sears Canoe for sale!

SAM_2152 SAM_2153 SAM_2154 SAM_2155 SAM_2156 SAM_2157 I have one Sears 16ft canoe model number 286-61017 for sale 700.00 email me at! This canoe is in great shape with the exception of a small pin hole on the bottom which needs to be patched.

Dimensions, photos, condition?

If a guy were actually serious, he might include where the canoe is, maybe some sort of a cost associated with it, size, material, condition and so on.
I could google the model number and maybe come up with some info, but nobody will.
This makes craigslist look enlightening!

Please see updated ad! Thanks!

Please see updated ad Thank-You!

OK, now that you have more info to display, maybe you will consider listing your item for sale in the ‘classified’ section of the website, rather than as a topic in a discussion forum. And you still need to indicate where the item is located.

$700 for a canoe with a pin hole? Bass pro has a new canoe for $600 with no holes lol