Sears canoe

I’m looking at a Sears&Roebuck fiberglass canoe that’s been in a shed it’s entire life.It has only been used a couple times and looks like new. It’s green and 15’long with aluminum gunnels and thwart. It has a center keel which makes me think it would make a great lake boat. I have an O.T. Discovery 169 that is a great river boat but is awful heavy for portaging between lakes. The Sears canoe seems alot lighter when I carried it. The guy is asking $175 for it. I would like any comments on the canoe and what it’s worth



If it floats, isn’t too beat up, and is
stable in the water, sounds like a great deal. One rarely sees canoes in any shape for less than $300.

sounds like a deal
look over the hull close for any signs of cracking. if it all looks good, that’s a winner!

Thanks for your input guys. I took it out the other evening with my son and seemed not as stable as the old town and the hull seemed a lot weaker. My biggest problem is finding room for adding another canoe to my “fleet” so I think I’m going to pass on this one.

Any canoe is better with a footrest so you can push off with legs. Can you walk further on feet or hands. www.jjcanoe makes excellent footrest or you can make one by drilling holes in boat near feet and adding aluminum conduit halfway up.