Seasickness produces histamines

Aha, I thought so! Have had a couple incidents at home when I suddenly became simultaneously runny-nosed/sneezy and nauseated. But it was not flu, because it went away after a few hours. Nausea alone I would’ve attributed to mild food poisoning; respiratory symptoms alone to allergy. I remember wondering if allergies could cause all of these together. Apparently, yes.

BTW, Emergen-C makes a refreshing drink, especially in very hot weather. Seems to have a slight stimulant effect also. I sometimes drank it mid-afternoon at work to pick me up.

Would not put a lot of weight on this …
There are probably a lot more important mediators involved than histamine at creating nausea. Over the counter loratadine is probably the best thing you could buy to see if it improves symptoms.

"Lying down prevents histamine from reaching the brain"

Yeah, right!


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The release of histamine into the stomach and subsequent nausea is possible for people with allergies. For me it causes a terrible case of that terrible 4 oclock feeling. Headaches, nausea and fatigue for people with allergies can be worse than a runny nose and itchy eyes.

I took the rounds of allergy shots degrudingly. It didnt really stop the occasional stuffed up nose and asthma like symptoms. But the headaches, nausea, and fatigue are gone. If you have those type of symptoms offen associated with the common allergy symptoms you should see an allergist. At the very least they can put you on medicines that go beyond the usual claritin.

As for sea sickness. That article seems a little strange. Even myth busters disproved most of those cures. Ginger pills are amazing at fighting nausea. Plus the sure fire fishermans cure is a beer every hour.

Ryan L.

Seasickness Produces Suicidal…
thoughts. I don’t remember a runny nose; just wishing I was dead.

Starting the ginger early and keeping my eyes on the horizon have helped me a lot these past few years.

The technical stuff. Enjoy!

Have You Seen the Specs?
I saw a TV program on motion sickness. Folks are developing eyeglasses that prevent it. I lifted this from Wikipedia:

“One very promising looking treatment is for the person suffering from motion sickness to wear LCD shutter glasses that create a stroboscopic vision of 4 Hz with a dwell of 10 milliseconds.[24]”

…I guess the strobe-induced seizures overwhelm the seasickness, is that it?

So to be effective …
You would need a CNS penetrant H1 antagonist, which would also be sedating - probably not the best therapy for kayaking.

pikabike, if you’re at home, what’s to
relate to seasickness?

Do you get migraines, even petit migraine? There can be odd combinations of nausea and nasal secretion, as well as other things, in migraine.

But if these episodes aren’t related to the stimuli and conditions that produce seasickness, then I wouldn’t consider advice like that provided in your link.

I’ve taken compazine for severe vomiting, and strangely, it also ended the headaches associated with a gall bladder virus.