Seasonal/monthly boat rentals

Is this “a thing” in the kayak/canoe industry: a season or monthly rental like what’s done in the ski industry? Rent the craft for a period of months, return or purchase at the end of the rental period.

The topic came up during a coaching session. I don’t have my own, and am not sure I want to dive into a purchase yet but not having a boat makes it tough to get coaching and practice while the water and air temp are still relatively warm. The coach suggested I try to find an off-season rental.

The local-to-me place has already closed up for the year but it made me wonder if this is even done. I can see where it would be a revenue source off-season; on the other hand, it’s also probably a potential liability for the merchant with stuff coming back destroyed.

Jump in and buy used. Then you own it and can use it whenever you want. I always make money on used boats.


Agree with ppine. A local place I know rents kayaks weekly for around $200/ week. They are decent but not great boats, with not many options for smaller paddlers.

In my area I regularly see decent used boats going for around $500- $600, so 3 weeks rental. And if you’re patient, you can sometimes find even better deals. Also, as long as you purchased wisely, you can usually re-sell for what you paid or even more.


I doubt it is economical. Rental places around here have boats what I think would cost $250. They rent them for almost $20 the hour. So after a long summer day of hourly rentals, they already almost re-covered the boat cost.

I’m not saying they are swimming in money since they pay for land, staff etc. but for you as a renter, it is better to buy if you have the option. but Compare that to a car rental, where you pay maybe $50 for a full 24 hours of a $20K car.

Buying also gives you a good boat. The ones i see here for rental are what is called recreational, as in short and wide. If you want to try to get into the sport, you are better off to buy a type you may like more (i.e. touring)

Obviously you need to research your local places. Maybe where you live there is a good deal.

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In my opinion, renting or leasing a boat would be similiar to using 20 dollar bills to start a campfire. Wasted money!

Buy used boat; use it, then sell it, and get at least some of your money back on your “investment”.
Want to move up to a better boat than the original?
Reread all above.


P.S. All boats picture below were bought used, played with & paddled some, and resold for more than I paid for them. Profit reinvested in boats I liked a lot, and kept for awhile or still own.

Starship by Blackhawk
Mohawk Probe 12 #3
Bell Wildfire

MRC Courier in kevlar
Wenonah Moccasion and Clipper Prospector 14

P.S.#2 Should have held onto that Wenonah Moccasin!!!
Kicked myself in the butt as it was driven away & said something like, “That was really dumb; selling that boat” !!!