Seasonal Preparation

There are so many things to get ready from winter if you own a boat. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make it easy and fast.

I’m exhausted just watching that

I get tired of watching most youtubes.
Put it in print.

yes - but that was exceptional.

Oh wow
I see you are starting out without our first step - admirable organization on your part.

If we did a video, the first couple of hours would be dragging stuff out from the basement pile under and on top of the boats onto tarps in the back yard, then sorting it out to find matching boots, gloves etc. It usually takes us a couple of days to get enough clear to do even do anything for the boats.

Well done!
Got a good laugh, thanks!

the stink boaters hate this stuff
I get a kick out of my friends’ huge pile of work before they can leave for the launch ramp each year with a motor boat. Endless stories of endless tasks. Less than 2 minutes, I was ready. I will never own a stink boat again. Did I just confess that I once owned a stink boat? Never mind, its over, don’t think about it. I hope I don’t remember that again.

Here I’d thought a stink boat was a …
… sit-in kayak with a skirt, in summer.

I own a motorboat, but there’s really no overlap between the tasks it does compared to my canoes and rowboats, so it’s not like I’d ever just “switch” somehow. It’s also a bare-bones thing, kind of like what was common in your grandpa’s time (before the invention of bass boats costing half as much as my house), and still is somewhat common in the north woods. Maintenance on that boat is miniscule compared to the work that’s needed on a car, so in the 30 years I’ve had it I’ve never given it a moment’s thought.

caution noted
I vow to avoid the safety equipment check depicted in the video. Don’t want to have to clean up the mess.