Seasons are changing

The colors are changing and definitely don’t look like spring green any more. Leaves are dropping and catching on the bow of my canoe. People tell me that leaves are dropping due to the drought or because trees along the river turn color first. My take is that none of this happened in April/May and it’s going to increase soon.

Pics taken yesterday on a Michigan river just 25 miles north of our house and interesting that it showed signs of flooding while our local rivers are low.

We’ve got a stiff breeze and the temp is supposed to be 85 ;10 + degrees cooler than most days have been.

No color up here in northern MI, except for all the trees that have drowned because of high water. Those leaves turned last month and continually fall. High winds the past couple of days sped up the process.

Major difference in air temps, though. Daytime highs are in the high 50s, low 60s. Night time in the 40s. No paddling away from home this weekend because too many people are up here for the last hurrah of the summer.

Lots of beautiful autumn days of paddling ahead, made even better with uncluttered launch sites.

Just got back from midcoast Maine. No color change to speak of there yet, just a little orange on maple trees. But the birds are going over. Loons are more of a mottled grey where they are black and white w good definition in summer. I saw two Laughing Gulls one of which had a face going white and the other fully white head. Guillemots starting to fade from black. I always enjoy seeing these changes.

In the West it is hot. Still summer.

Yes. Lots of subtle changes and some very clear signals of change. I’d swear the turtles are a bit more reluctant to give up their sunbathing perches as I paddle by. :slight_smile:

We saw some maples with wet feet changing colors 2 weeks ago along Duck Lake (South of Whitehall Michigan with an outlet to Lake Michigan).

Paddled around the inland lake and then out to Lake Michigan. Got a chance to observe the home owners attempts to hold back the lake.

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My pile of split wood is getting bigger. Water is brisk, refreshing…never cold. Nights are perfect sleeping weather. Blueberries gone,raspberries ripe, cantelope all eaten, watermelon nearly ready.

It has been hot and smoky and summer like in Nevada. Finally cooled off, tonight the low will be 34 degrees. Does not feel like fall yet.

In Florida…what are seasons…lol

Kind of like Houston, the second Tuesday In February.

Feels like we skipped fall and went straight to winter in Colorado! Multiple passes closed yesterday because of snow and ice. Our high today will be in the mid-40s. We just got really cold rain and sleet, but parts of the state got over a foot of snow.

The last two mornings haven’t become saunas until almost noon. The entire month for that it felt like a sauna even before the sun came up. That is fall in central Florida.

First cold front usually doesn’t come until Halloween. I know that from first grade when my costume had shorts and short sleeves and the night dropped into the forties. Been keeping track since then and it is a usually.

Hope that weather stays far west. Miserable enough here in the Great Lakes area, with high temps in the 40s and a cold rain. Counting my blessings that it’s not snow.

In Florida we have them they are just suttle.

bbbbbut, 40’s IS shorts weather! :thinking:

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C’mon. You know it’s winter in Florida when it gets dark earlier. :slight_smile:

When I launched my canoe recently I noticed that the water was warmer than the air. And I was happy to have my PFD for warmth. Hmmm.

The Concord grapes are purple and starting to smell good. The soybeans are taller than a coonhound.

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People talk about a lack of seasons like it is a good thing.
I tried it and never liked it at all.
Fall is the best season of the year.

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Here are the flags one does not want to see at the harbor master office when you live along a coastline during Hurricane season…

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Double red flags. Yikes.

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