Seat adjustment?

Looking at the ‘medical problem’ thread was very familiar to me, sometimes have the same problem. It’s not nearly as bad now that I’ve been paddling a couple years, but had several instances of standing up on numb legs at the start (which invariably ended each time with me flopping around in the water at the take-out)

Like I said, the numbness or tingling doesn’t happen to me nearly as often now, but it still happens. I usually pull my knees (one at a time) up to my chest to alleviate it.

I’ve seen several mentions of adjusting the seat angle, and I’m curious how one would go about doing that–spacers under the rear mounting bolts to tilt back down? I’ve got a Dagger Savannah with the factory-installed seat.

I’ve also considered replacing the whole seat assembly for something a little more adjustable, something like the wilderness systems phase-3 setup. I’m not sure if dagger has something like this now (for some reason can’t access their page right now) but I think this type of swap should be fairly easy and straightforward.

And before someone suggests a custom-carved minicell seat; I don’t have enough confidence in my carving skills, not sure I have all the correct tools, and don’t want to lose adjustability if someone else paddles my boat. Not to mention the only way I’d be able to get any of the neccessary supplies would likely be online, and I’d want that face-to-face advice session a good retailer can give you.

I feel your pain…
We have a Dagger Magellan that I adore with the same seat that you have. We did a 20 mile paddle about two months ago that I am still trying to work out the kinks in my back from. When I use my husband’s Pungo with the 3 phase seat I don’t have nearly the back pain that I get when paddling the Dagger or Perception. I am going to try to fabricate a lumbar support that can be transferred from each boat as a project this winter. Maybe use memory foam. For right now, I am adding Pilates to my work-out program to build up my core muscles and recovering with heat pads! Let me know what you find out about the seat~! Amy

CLC sells foam seats for use in their boats. Mine is insalled with velcro. Put in a back band for back support in place of the hard seat back. All of our boats use have low backbands. I seem to remember that seat in the Magellan I had was not too comfortable. If you have a local dealer, they may be able to adjust your present seat for a nominal charge. Some dealers are pretty good about it if you bought the boat from them.

Go to webshots
look up nystrom and kayak, and learn the quick and dirty way to make a foam seat. Nystrom is so generous at helping NSPN members to get their boats together. The guy has helped at least 30 folks outfit their own boats in some way.

It’s your boat; make her great for you and those who borrow will be OK.

I agree with Peter_K…AND…
Brian Nystrom’s generosity and support will get you on your way to truly making your boat… “your boat”. I have very little experience with tools, and just restored the hull of my new/used composite boat…do to Brian’s encouragement/website/emails…AND…it feels GREAT! Biran’s pics will lead me through the total restoration and customizing of my boat.

I just purchased some minicell foam at an end-of-the-year discount weekend at our local shop…in order to pad out my bulkheads (vs. using pegs)…and to carve out my own seat. You can get this material online at some of the following:

Regarding seats, you might want to check out the following sites for some additional ideas/directions.

(Eric Schade offers excellent plans and is available for phone support…I have paddled his boats and the seats are fantastic) (great materials and directions for outfitting…look under Directions) (an incredible kayak building site…search the archives or raise a question. You will find a remarkable source of information and generosity there…a great community).

(gorgeous work…seat made for you…or…pre-cut seats for sale…I know from a reliable source that Joe’s seats are extraordinary)

Go for it! You will be thrilled with your accomplishments…and what it feels like to paddle your “own” boat…