seat back 1" noticable results?

I’m thinking of moving my seat back 1" to ease re-entries on my Tempest 165 pro. I’m 5’10", 155#, wear 30-34 501’s and prefer quick handling to tracking if I have to choose. Would you think this change in this boat/my build would make any notable change other than no more shin bang?

Thanks, T.George

Gut feeling is you will ADD
to tracking and lose some speed.

move the seat forward to loosen the hull
More weight forward means more maneuverability but sometimes more weather cocking. I could feel the difference in my last boat(18’ Tiderace) with a 1" move forward.

It’ll be easy enough to trim back to where it was – a couple of liters of water or other gear in the front compartment will do it.

it will change handling
I haven’t done this in T165pro, only in Avocet FG and Avocet RM.

Avocet RM moved forward, it became a different boat

Avocet FG moved somewhere to fine-tune handling in the wind. I like the boat to be almost neutral at cruising speeds

I do a fair amount of backcountry skiing. I alsomount my own bindings. Fore and aft positioning of the binding on the skis really changes the response of the ski.

A lot of similarities with kayaking and skiing.

One inch fore/aft change made several differences for me when I moved my seat FORWARD in an Explorer LV, after experimenting with a foam seat and Velcro tape.

Most noticeable change was that I gained just enough room for a full layback (I am short).

Also, instead of being able to get both legs in at once, I had to put in one at a time.

The boat became more prone to weathercocking.

Test to estimate the effect
With the seat move your are moving 155lbs back one inch. You can express this as a 155 lb-in couple. If you want to get an idea of how this affects the kayak you can simulate a similar couple by adding 1 gallon of water (8.48 lbs) 18 inches behind the seat (18x8.48 = 155 approx).

It is not exact since you are adding weight and not just shifting it but it should give you a rough idea of how much if any the kayaks handling will change.

You might also try switching the same gallon from 18 in behind to 18 in forward to get an even more exaggerated affect. My guess is that a 1 in seat move would never produce more of a change than the difference between the 18in forward to 18 in behind difference.

Good luck


tracking and speed
I would guess that you would get a little looser bow resulting in more response to strokes like the bow rudder and forward sweep strokes but less responsive to stern pry/rudder strokes and reverse sweeps. Maybe loose a little speed. It’s probably worth it to get easier entry/exit from the cockpit.

If it sucks move it back and plug the holes with extra hardware.

What’s interfering with entry?
Is it a seat back interfering? I don’t know the Tempest at all, but for my Necky I ditched the plastic seat back. Being more a ww paddler, I was used to a low back band, not a seat back.

I moved my seat forward yesterday
I’m a big boy at 230 pounds and I moved the forward about three inches. It seems to have reduced the wake at normal boat speeds of 4 to 5.5 mph but a 14 foot boat at these speed still puts out a wake with a fatty paddling it.

The handling is a little different in that I may be having to edge a little more to keep it from going to windward, but it is not too bad. Running down wind it seem to catch the bumps easier but not stay on them as well. I think the position is more comfortable for this boat, but I may add some water to the back for surf sessions.

I Did it Twice

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It makes entry and exit much easier. It improved the handling for me, also. With the seat moved aft a bit I tend to ride over waves rather than punch them. I bet I moved the seat back 2 inches in my 'glass boat. Had to cut the seat base some. Very happy with it. (My very tall, lean buddy did the same to his T165).

Keep in mind I'm a long legged, short torsoed road bicycle person. My heavy legs moved back a bit probably made the boat behave more 'normally'.

I’m guessing it’s the jeans.

try it
So, a 1" change will be subtle but it will dampen the “liveliness” of the boat. I had a Cetus LV that I moved the seat forward to make it more lively and a bit looser in the stern.

Try it, you can always move it back. The 165 is a shorter cockpit than what I am accustomed to, so I would probably prefer a bit more ease getting in/out also.


I like the gallon at 18" & the velcro
ideas, AND, I’ve just ordered a custom foam seat from Joe @redfish. For now, I just put the seat back where it was since It’s pretty much a PITA to install/uninstall,(and I didn’t want to mess up my layback). I generally like the stock seat, but when I had it out I found a pebble lodged & working it’s way through the hull,(this has evidently happened to others with composite boats). So I’ll take my time figuring out the best seat location for me, BEFORE I move my bulkhead,(what a concept). For now I just glued a shinbang pad at the front of the coaming.

Thanks all for the input, t.gEORGE

Move the Bulkhead?
I didn’t do that. I removed / sawed off excess seat base. It took just a couple of minutes and it worked fine.

yes, move the bulkhead…
…but before I do I want to be positive the seat is in the best position for what I want.

Moveing the fore bulkhead rids me of footpegs that bother my right foot, gets rid of unused cockpit space that can fill with water and increases front compartment storage.

Currently I’ve got shaped polystyrene blocks, minicell and a 1/4" plywood footboard strapped together & stuffed up front,(heavy with no increase in storage, but allows me to adjust the angle and placement of where the new bulkhead will go.

It’s all in the madness, er plan…

I Misunderstood

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I thought you were taking about the bulkhead right behind the seat.

For what it's worth, moving my seat back didn't prevent me from doing layback rolls.