seat back pad

I need a cushion for the seat back in my Eddyline Nighthawk. Getting older & need more support than is there. Any suggestions. Thanks

SealLine made a self-inflating back rest, kind of a tiny Therm-A-Rest pad. I think these have been discontinued, but might still be around as clearance items. I haven’t used one, and I don’t know how much help it would be.

Alps Mountaineering

It has holes so you can secure it with a cord. Also good for a seat when you get out of your kayak and for your car seat or back.

you will
have to retrofit a bit but one of these made a world of differance to me.

Tear out the seat back and …
Velcro in a foam paddle float. I really like the one be sea to summit.

It makes a very supportive seat back even though it does not come up past the coaming.

You can see it here: