Seat back support

The bucket vs webbed thread got me to wondering: How many of you use some form of back support in your canoes?

When I was a youngster I didn’t need one in my Sawyer Cruiser or Charger. Didn’t need one in my MR Northwoods or Explorer (although some long river days made me daydream about something better).

Now with my NR Freedom Solo and Bell Magic I seem to be searching for the Holy Grail of seating comfort. Having back problems is part of the reason, and , well, I’m in my late 50’s now and like my comfort.

So, fess up: How many of you are using, and what is your seat of choice?


Hey Jim…

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the Chosen Valley Canoe Products seat backs fit both web,and bucket on rails. I have them for my Shockwave{bucket& bar]and can use the same unit on the web seat of my YS solo. Ultra comfortable easy to detach,and adjust,light & packable. Easy to install,and they even include the hardware.Have to let them know if wood,alum.,or vinyl,gunnels, Around $40

halfway down the page ,black back band. Their new seat back looks like the ultimate.


I don’ t use one but Chosen Valley
backband looks fine…if a backband helps you in a kayak-where I DO need one it should help in a canoe- and this one looks similar to what I have in my RapidFire.

What I like about it is that it looks like it would not interfere with boat over boat rescues. Our club does not permit rigid seat backs in canoes on moving water.

In the canoe I find that the option to kneel really is a back saver so I rarely sit.

I should have been more specific
I am not really looking for a solution (am happy with my highly-modified Piragis seat in teh Magic and the BMO seat (actually from the same manufacturer) in the MR.

I am just curious as to the use demographics - are more of us using back support because we are aging, or because we have “seen the light”?

Too much snow to paddle, not enough to XC ski.


I don’t use them

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because I suspect my posture would suffer, and maintaining proper posture is an important part of a good stroke (I'm talking canoeing). But when I get fatigued, I sometimes think the added support would be nice.

Put a Sawyer seat in them : )

Probably a combination of aging and
seeing the light. Most of all sometimes I just like to sit back,drift and watch the world go by.

I use it
I use a crazy creek for back support whenever I’m on a bench seat in my canoes for all day paddles. Even then, I will have to get out of these canoes and stretch about every 2 hours. As to comfort rating of the bench seats in my fleet: I find the bigger benches (front to back) in my Winona’s’ are best, the contoured benches in my Souris River a little less comfortable, and the smaller bench in my wife’s Magic the most uncomfortable. The cane part of the Magic seat is a 1/2" narrower front to back than the Wenonah benches, so I feel like you are essentially sitting on a hardwood board in that canoe with no cushioning and I can only take about an hour at a time in that boat with the stock bench seat. (I think Ted built his canoes with smaller people in mind…) I do not use a back rest when I’m in the bucket seat of my Wenonah Voyager, and I would rate that seat as the most comfortable within my fleet.