Seat Choice

Can anyone suggest a good low-back seat for a Hurricane Phoenix 140? There seem to be many high-backs suited for fishing, or backbands only. I’m looking for something in-between.


Surf to Summit
Get the GTS Elite with the attached bag. I had this seat and used it on all my fishing kayaks including my Phoenix 130 and 160. It’s the most comfortable seat on the market and gives you plenty of support. The bag is good for holding a lot of odds and ends like small tackle boxes or dry boxes. I was not impressed with the rod holder/bag packs for the same seat. The reels kept swinging out and I was always hitting them with my elbows while paddling.

GTS Elite
My thanks. I’ll check it out. By the way, how did you like the Phoenix 130?


Phoenix 130
I loved the Phoenix 130 until they changed the mold. Their intentions were good but they corrected one area while taking away from elsewhere. In the past the top of the boat simply overlapped the bottom and was glued together. It wasn’t cosmetically appealing and on a few occasions had a tendency to leak. To fix this they made a lip around the outside of the top half that fit around the bottom half of the boat. It created a much stiffer kayak, looked better, and made a much better seal. What they didn’t do was change the bottom half of the mold. Once the hull was placed into this new lip the kayak lost about two inches in deck height. This translated to about 60lbs of lost carrying capacity. So what was a completely dry ride for me one year was a soaking wet ride the next year.

The P130 paddled very well and the material is bombproof. After I got a regular plastic boat I had to keep reminding myself I couldn’t ram it into oyster beds or rocks like I could my Phoenix.