seat cushion and paddle holder

Just purchased an ot loon 138 and really love it. I went out for the first time for 3hrs and my butt was a little sore. What is the best seat cushion to purchase

Also, I quickly discovered that i will need a paddle holder in order to fish. What is the best?

Thanks guys!!!

butt plate
hi,i have a 138t and love it. i got a couple of square type flotation seats. one i put under my knees to help with the long leg thing, the other i sit on. that helps me get a little higher up for a better casting platform position.

also my seat had no holes in the bottom for drainage so i put some in. make sure to go thru both layers if you do!

as for my paddle, i have a leash and most times i just let it float when not in use. i did put extra hold downs along the outside rail that i just bungy the paddle to in calm water.

i find just letting it float works best and is fastest. but you run the risk of getting tangles if the fish is on that side and decides not to cooperate.

hope you figure your out. WHERE IS SPRING?


Loon 138

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I own a Loon 138 and found the seat exceptionally comfortable. No extra padding needed. However, you could cut a foam sleeping pad out in the shape of the seat bottom to give you some extra cushion. It will effect your center of gravity and may make the boat feel more tippy. The 138 should have a paddle park on the side of the boat. That bungee with two hooks above it is your paddle park.

Old Town sells a set of cushions for their seat if you don’t already have a set.

If you’re looking for additional cushioning, I love riding on air.

You can opt for something as cheap and simple as the little inflatable pillows from Campmor ($4.99 ea. Item # 23032-B). Don’t inflate it all the way. Just a few puffs of air can add a lot of comfort. Or, you can opt for something as high brow as one of the inflatable Surf to Summit type seats that can run as much as $150.

I found an inflatable at Academy for about $50. Worth every penny in my mind… and on my butt. I spend as much as 10 hours in my seat during one fishing trip so comfort is a must!

Either way… inflatable seats are my butt-saver of choice.