Seat cushion

I’ve heard that Thermarest makes a small pad that is great for a seat cushion . Anyone use one of these?

Thermarest Pad use
I have used one in several my kayaks and my canoe.

  1. In the Dagger Savannah, it makes trips more than an hour enjoyable. Otherwise, without the pad my legs get numb. I use it in this boat for any trip longer than :45.

  2. In the Dagger Cortez (narrow boat), the pad elevated me too much and the boat lost most of it’s initial stability! Even letting some more air out, I thought I had lost my equilibrium or was having a stroke! (And I don’t mean a forward one!) So I don’t use it in this boat at all.

  3. In my OT Penobscot 17, the pad is comfy but also adds a little bit to instability; but then I usually kneel.

Yeah, the Thermarests are great.
My wife and I really feel the difference on a long, cold trip. We’re trippers, so we spend a lot of time in the saddle. Just adjusting the air pressure really changes the areas of discomfort. On a long tripping day, I frequently adjust the pressure which changes the dynamics enough to make a difference. Also remove them from the boat to use as a seat when at a campsite – much better than sitting on the cold ground.

Same principle as a microadjustable
bike seat. Well worth making small frequent cnanges.