Seat cushions

What is the best seat cushion or pad in your opinion? Need a cushion for my Necky Santa Cruz.

Thanks FishHawk

thermarest sport seat
nearly deflated

The next one I’m buying
is a bunhuggerz by Seattle Sports ( it’s 34.95. I’ve used the self inflating and liked it fine I upgraded to a gel an likes it better but it started leaking after a year or so. The bunhuggerz has the ability to change inflation level like the self inflator and has microbead fill instead of foam.

So far I just sat on one on the shop floor, butliked it enough to order one from my favorite shop when I got home.



I use a nearly deflated ThermaRest seat pad, echoing previous posters, in several of my boats.

Proviso: In one of my kayaks (Dagger Cortez), even a little added elevation made the boat very tippy! Test it!