seat for featherweight canoe

Looking for advice while waiting for my new Nessmuk to be ready to pick up. I’m looking for a sit-on-bottom seat (with a back). I tried the canoe out with a thinly padded seat, and would prefer something more substantial. Any thoughts? Thanks!

If you are getting your boat at Hemlock
the best discussion to have would be with Dave Curtis,not us…

It may be that he can pop in a carbon seat.

Eds has nice traditional seats…but there goes the featherweight canoe…And they are not fun to portage if that is in your plans.

build it
Buy some minicell foam and shape it to fit. You can build a back into it, make it as high as you want, as wide as you want, and whatever shape you want.

You probably won’t be able to find anything much lighter.

Crazy Creek??
My wife uses one of these with her Nessmuk, but I’ll let you decide if this qualifies as a more substantial seat. It gives a bit more back support, although not much cushioning. Takes a bit of adjustment upon entering the boat. It’s relatively inexpensive and unaffected by moisture.

Something like Crazy Creek is what I’m looking for, not a “real seat.” I never heard of the foam, so thank you for that idea, too.

how about a padded toilet seat from Home Depot ? comfy, homey, and the lid can double as a backrest!

There are more than one Crazy Creek
Chair so just dont run to Wal Mart

I think Dave recommends the SitBacker chair.

How about
a Bumfortable seat? It glues right to the floor.

They’re overpriced, but coincidentally, I have a used one for sale at a good discount, nyuk, nyuk :wink: