Seat for Necky Dolphin

Looking for a well-cushioned, supportive seat for a Necky Dolphin SOT. I’ve got a WS Pungo, which has a nice seat, so that’s my reference point.

All input is welcome, thanks in advance!

a Surf to Summit high back or a Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech seat. If you want more padding, hit HOmeDepot for garden kneeling foam pads as they work well and are inexpensive.

Something like this should work fine:

Seat for Necky Dolphin
Thanks for your response. I’ve got a lot of hockey injuries, so I’m looking for padding and support. I’ll check out your recommendations.

Thick seat -maybe not
I would go easy putting pads under the seat until you try out the dolphin. I know some heavy paddlers thought it was a pretty tippy boat. Also high backed seats make you sit back, you want to sit up straight when you paddle and not lounge like on a sofa.

I hear you. Great secondary stability on this boat though. I just need some back support (not for lounging) and a little padding for my tail for long days.

most comfortable seats…
…in any of the kayaks I have owned have been the Feathercraft (which have both an inflatable lumbar support in the seatback and inflatable thigh support in the seat, both infinitely adjustable) You would have to add peel and stick Velcro to the kayak and rig some straps to support the back.

Another very comfortable seat is the Bumfortable molded foam seat, made in New Zealand.

(I’ve got one of those for sale if you’re interested)