? seat hangers on old Malecite?

Hi all,
Did the early (1979) Malecite have seat hangers or were seats just bolted to the gunnels? I have seen pictures of both, the arch-style seat hangers and bolted to the rails with just a small wood block in the rear. Wondering if anyone remembers.

I looked in my '80 catalog but there are no detailed pictures.

Fwiw I have an old Courier and it uses round dowels that are center drilled with long stainless bolts that go through the gunnels, then into dowels, then into seat. Don’t know if it’s stock or not…

I have an older Malicite, not paddled in a couple years, but I just looked at the seat hangers and there are rectangular seat drops(dowels}between the seats and gunnels

thanks folks - just saw a photo of a malecite claimed to be all original and it had dowel drops.