Seat in Aquaterra Sea LIon?

Hello. I am seeking some advice about outfitting an Aquaterra Sea Lion. I am an experienced WW boater and have done two sea kayaking trips in borrowed sea kayaks.I just bought my very own second hand Sea LIon, and am setting it up for a two week Lake Powell paddle. I am wondering what to do about the backrest. RIght now it has the original black plastic one that fits into a slot in in the seat - no padding. WW backrests seem very different and I am not sure what to do here. I don’t need anything especially cushy, I’m usually comfortable in a boat for a few hours, but I don’t know how this seat will work. Google searches show up lots of back rests but not sure what will fit and work. Can anyone share any thoughts about what they have done in their Aquaterras? I’l be paddling about five hours a day. Second question - the rudder lifting line is broken - and I need to replace it - it’s just cord. Anything to watch out for here? Thanks!

Assuming the backrest is held in place by an an adjustable webbing strap on each side, it should be easy to replace the backrest with a less intrusive backband. You can secure the back band to the same holes that currently hold the backrest. Here’s a backband that’s a good value:

The Sea Lion is a pretty old model, so you might not find many users familiar with the seat. A picture might help you get some more advice.

Thanks - I appreciate the advice. ! I will take a closer look and see if I can send in a picture. I just bought the thing!

I have that yak as well. I picked up a taller back to replace the short one (it was the wrong height for my body) and added a pad on it. I also added a stick-on pad for the seat base.
All of the above came from Top Kayaker,

I was fine with the original hard seat back in my sea lion until I started trying to roll. The seat back didn’t allow me enough room to lay back on the rear deck. I ordered and installed an Immersion Research Reggie Backband. Plenty of adjustment, gives plenty of comfortable low back support and I can lay back without a sharp hard edge stabbing my back. If you prefer a taller back support, IR makes the “Loungeband”.

When it comes down to it though, everyone is different and it depends on your size, paddling posture, and what you are hoping to do with the boat.

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I second the IR Reggie.

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Thanks to all for the input.
I think I will try the Reggie!

Mines a 99. I got it because of the price and it was one of the few that would take my weight and gear (400lb capacity) for multi day trips. I’m not the smallest bear in the forest although I have dropped some since I got the boat.

I took the plastic seat back out because I was doing trips with around 6-8h a day and my back isnt the best.
For that I put in a high back band from Austin kayak (IIRC) they dont show it in stock but this is the one. Tall Back Backband, Sit-inside Kayak Seat, Compression Molded Kayak Backrest – Surf to Summit
It worked good for that and if I am going to do full days in the boat, I will probably put it back in.
I want to learn to roll. This summer I hardly got out at all. However, I did put in a Seals back band that I can lay back with. Jury is still out.

I have replaced my lift cord twice. The first time when I built a rudder for it, and again when I found a OEM replacement. About the only thing to be concerned with is getting the knots in the right place and the tension correct.

If you havent taken it out yet, or after you put it away for the winter and get it out again, you may have to lube the rudder pedal cables. They are stainless, but mine seem to get enough crud in them to freeze up so some Ballistol in the cables and work them back and forth helps. White lithium grease on the pedal slides.
Check your hatch covers. Make sure you have the neoprene covers that the plastic covers protect. If you dont, I think I got mine from Austin Kayak.
You also might want to check the water tight integrity of your bulkheads, fill the front and back with water and see if water leaks into your cockpit. If it does, then you need to reseal.

No idea of the date on this thing. looks in pretty good shape for what must be a fairly old boat. They seem to have a good rep for long multi day trips if you need one on the cheap. Hatches and neoprene look brand new. The rudder on dry land! seems fine Going to tackle the lift cord this week and put in back band. I’m far from mechanical so thank you for the tips.

I have a strong WW roll but the idea of rolling this monster with 2 weeks of gear seems unthinkable. I suppose I should give it a try!

The sea lion may be long {17 feet} compared to a WW kayak, but it is only 22 inches wide so much narrower than a WW kayak. Takes a little different placement of force to roll. Depending on the vintage WW kayak you are use to.

The earlier WW kayaks were “log” rollers, the later WW kayaks are “plank” rollers. The sea lion is a “log” roller . Loaded down it just rolls slower than when empty. The high rear deck makes a lay back recovery tough. But since you say you WW roll…you probably don’t lay back anyway. Since you roll WW style, it’s probably a C2C or a screw roll that you do…either roll works with a sea lion…just roll it with less gusto or you will windowshade.

The date will be on the HIN right rear of the boat. IIRC, the last 2 numbers are the year of manufacture.
They will carry a lot. I have been in mine for 6 days and had plenty of room for gear.

There isn’t much difference in gear for 1 or 2 nights or for 1 or 2 weeks. The difference is food and stove fuel.

You are either prepared with the right gear , or not.

Windowshading! Ha. Now I am very interested to see what I can do. I originally learned a C to C and now do more of a sweep. And now I will learn the date of this fine vintage boat. (The other day I was biking on what I think of as my high end nice bike and I got the comment "Wow - your bike is so retro! Cool! " And, I realized, oh, yes, it is. I am out for 16 days on Lake Powell - so the space is good.

Food, water, more gear for inclement weather, more clothing, more comfort stuff, added worst case stuff,

1 or two days in good weather, a hammock and a bug screen are enough. I dont know where you are but where I live, if you dont like the weather, just wait a minute.

My wife was skiing skis she bought new while very much an adult. Some kids looked at them and were calling them cool and retro. She was about ready to break them over the kiddies heads.

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I see where we differ…I carry all the inclement weather stuff for 1 or 2 nights …same as for 1 or 2 weeks. I also don’t carry more cloths or any extra comfort stuff for 1 or 2 weeks . If I don’t need it for 1 or 2 days…I don’t need it for 1 or 2 weeks. Should always be ready for worst case. Every day of a 2 week trip is the same as every day for a 2 day trip. Obviously… YMMV :grinning:

I paddle Lake Superior. Sound like your gear list is deficient for the 1 or 2 day trip.

Where I live …the weather …well…

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Not deficient, adequate. I like my comfort so will carry more, and I dont have to embrace the funky swamp butt. BTDT