seat kayak whitewater pyranha 2.55

Hello People

I'm looking to buy a seat of my Pyranha 2.55 .

Some one can help ? I sent a message to Pyranha
.com , and nothing happened .

To buy a seat here on Brazil is impossible .

tank you Roberto

Make or used
It would probably be much cheaper and faster to get a block of closed-cell foam such as Minicell or Eathafoam locally and make a seat.

Possibly you could find a good seat from a damaged kayak in Brazil.

google a company called, and they will give you an idea of how to make an internal template and then carve a seat with side-supportive bulkheads and a low back support seat. I did it for an old kayak, but I didn’t do as nice a job as Redfish.

seat of pyranha

Tank you for you answer .

But has to be something properly to fit me ; on white water level 4/5 ,we need to be security . Now ,I can use just for fun , but down to river

is something else .

best regards roberto