Seat lowering hardware

I’m an angler who just got a new Old Town Pack canoe for fishing. Reviews (on this site) that I’ve read recommend lowering the factory seat height 2". I’m an “all thumbs” guy and would prefer to buy a kit that has been designed for this. I don’t see anything on the Old Town site (which isn’t particularly inviting for questions, searches, etc.). Does anyone have any tips on a kit for lowering an Old Town seat (i.e., drilled dowels, longer bolts, etc.)?

Any help or tips appreciated.


chaz , you didn’t say which …

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........ Old Town Pack you have , one is the angler version the other has a wood and web seat ........... i think the "Angler" version has a drop down lowered seat w/adjustable backrest (rotomoulded) ........ in case you have the web seat , maybe replace with the "angler" seat , already made to fit right in ....... contact Old Town maybe to ask questions and order one ..

From the OT website it appears that the seat you have is an ash & webb seat. Assuming this is correct, you can do teh job quite easily.

First, determine the size of the drop bolts. Common sizes are 3/16" x (length). 1/4" are less common these days.

Seat drop kits are available from Ed’s Canoe, Bell Canoe, Wenonah, and I am sure many more.

To size the overall drop, add teh gunwale thickness, seat frame thickness, and the length of the stock drops + 2". New drop bolts are abailable in 4", 5", and 6" lengths.

The drops (spacers) may come as drilled dowels or drilled square stock. Either will work (and I do not want to start a discussion over the relative stiffness of spacers vs arched drops!).

While you have the seat out take a minute to apply varnish (I assume the factory seat is varnished) to bolt holes and seat frame member ends. You can asume that the factory did not seal the wood after cutting and drilling the seat to fit.

Just remember: Rightie tightie, lefty loosey.

These directions should work even if you have a rotomoulded seat.


Thanks, guys
pilotwingz and Jim,

Thanks for your advice. The Pack that I have is the regular,not the angler, version. I’ll contact Old Town and see if the Angler seat is available from them.

Jim, glad you took my “all thumbs” description seriously and provided such detailed instructions.

I took my new Pack out this morning for its first trip and was impressed with how it handled with a double bladed kayak paddle. I’m going to hold off making any seat modifications until I put in some paddling time. I do anticipate lowering or removing the factory web seat. I’ll have to see how much I want to keep the possibility of using the kneeling position. There’s also the possibility of taking the seat out altogether and using a low “beach sand chair.” I’ll keep checking it out.

BTW. I am having a difficult time finding seat lowering kits online. I went to Ed’s, Bell, and Wanonah and didn’t find one. I’ll have to check out the local REI and Hudson Trail stores, as well as local paddling stores. But thanks to your excellent directions, I think I could do a “Home Depot” job, despite the presence of my many thumbs.


seat lowering kit
I have an OT Pack and I just lowered my seat. I found the kit on E-Bay. It came complete with the screws,nuts, washers and wood spacers. I lowered my seat 2 inches from factory. The bolts that are in the canoe are 4 inches. The supplier had 5 inch and 6 inch sets. They were $10.00/set plus S/H. My seat is a cane seat. Worked great for me and does make a difference. Oh,I searched for canoes ,then from there, canoe seats. Good luck.

On the nose
So, pac06, I assume you got the 6" kit.


Yes, I,m using a sit-backer on the seat
and with that installed I was sitting to high. Lowering the seat with the 6 inch kit placed me at the right height. However, I am thinking about replacing the sit-backer. The frame on the back interferes with paddling. OT sells a backrest that clamps on and is also cane. They want $95.00. I’m searching for something similar, before I go with something that expensive. Looks good and it probably would do well.