Seat Options For WS Phase 3

I didnt want to hijack the other Seat Options Subject, so I started another one.

I might get ridiculed or lectured but here goes. This probabably goes against, almost backwards of what everyone else would probably do

My wife bought a two year old 16.5 foot Wilderness System Tempest for one heck of a deal. She used to have a Tsunami 140. She has been out paddling quite often for over a month now. The problem is, she likes the boat, but hates the back band. She finds that her back bothers her. She loved the way the back felt in the Tsunami 140. Shes will never roll nor does she want to learn…she is a very cautious paddler and just wants to go for a paddle on lakes and slow rivers, no fancy stuff, but loves the feel and speed of the Tempest

Is it possible to put in the Tempest the same Phase 3 Seating System like in the 140 Tsunami, or at least replace the back band with the Phase 3 Back.

Im afraid shell start not wanting to go out anynore. Shes already complaining a bit now

I suspect it could be done,
but the seat pan might be different where the back attaches and maybe you’d have to swap the entire seat assembly. problem is Wilderness doesn’t sell it (and if they did it would probably be expensive). maybe if you knew someone with a Tsunami who wants to switch to the backband, you could figure out what parts to swap between the two boats.

how about just upgrading to a bigger backband with firmer support? check out the IR Loungeband:

here’s another option

WS should be able to…
address your needs. You’ll find a few videos on their web site illustrating seat modifications, one showing the removal of the taller style back and replacing it with their lower back band unit. You’re simply going the other way and I wouldn’t see any trouble with that. Contact WS directly or a reputable dealer for the parts required.

Back/butt support is a personal preference. Do what works best for your specific reality.

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I am nearly certain it can be done. My wife and I have the Tsunami 140/145 models and I replaced my high back seat with the Tempest style backband (and added the hip pad kit as well for a snugger cockpit fit). Confluence has a video illustrating the conversion - and back again:

Austin Kayak (among others) carries the high back seat. It is less expensive than the backband:

I think that part
is only the replacement pad… it does not include the structural part of the seat back.

CD Revolution seat
I tried this seat a couple of days ago and thought it was very good:

I have no idea whether it can be purchased separately.

I replaced the Phase 3 high seat back
with a back band on my WS Tsunami. I’d be willing to donate the high seat back to you if it would fit your seat. Email me to discuss.

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Yep, that is the only the pad. The entire assembly is more expensive:

I’m thinking about going to a back band on my Cape Horn 170. My seat may be an option as well.

I’m glad manufacturers are getting more creative with outfitting the cockpit. It’s way overdue.

probably not
Last I checked the Tempest seat did not have the appropriate mounting holes in the back for the Tsunami’s high seat back. They look identical except for that.

Its easy to take the high seat back out, but without the mount holes (and built-in flanges for them) you will have to get creative to make the high seat back fit in.

One idea would be to screw a couple blocks of wood with holes drilled in to them onto the back of the seat to fit the Tsunami seat back prongs.