Seat options

I paddle a hurricane expedition. The standard seat is sufficient but I would like to improve it.

One I would like a seat that does the best job of supporting my lower back.

Two I want it to stay in the position I put it in, ie stay adjusted.

Three what about the option of mounting it with velcro?

Keep the “lower back” support low.
You don’t want support all the time, all the way up your back. That just inhibits trunk rotation.

Stretch your hamstrings and gastroc so that it becomes easier for you to sit with your torso up straight. You don’t want your torso curled forward when you are paddling seriously.

Two different camps
You will receive two opposite replies here:

  1. You don’t need much back support. A backband is enough. High backs interfere with rotation, rolling, and reentry. Strenghten your core muscles and get into a dynamic position. Etc etc.

  2. No muscle can exert effort all day without the reflief provided by support. Some people need more support than others. Get an adjustable seat with a back that hits you in the small of your back, or wherever it feels right to you.

    Both camps insist their answer is the only right one. Choose the camp that fits your personal situation best. Beyond that, the argument is futile.

    I use this seat and am more or less satisfied with it:

    It an be installed in various kayaks if you’re creative. It doesn’t necessarily need to be hung from the coaming.

    RE velcro: My seat was initially velcroed. The velcro wore out. The seat now slides back and forth when I want it to, but stays fixed when it should. I have had NO problems with the stability of the seat. It’s attached through the strap pins under the coaming.

    I put a wide pool noodle, sliced in half to create a flat side, under the front of the seat to raise it up. That helps quite a lot.

    Bottom line: There aren’t that many after-market seats available and you have to think creatively to make your own or adapt what you can find.

My experience
A couple hours paddling can get you in the back if you have nothing. The older NDK seats are a great example. I can only do about an hour in a seat without a back band.

Not trying to hijack the thread
but I haven;t seen my problem addressed anyplace, or maybe I just havent ran accross it. My back seems to do fine, but a couple of times I have had to give up and throw in the towel because of hip pain. My hips were killing me! Last time I went out with a freind, he complained of his hi[s hurting him. Is it because of not sitting correctly…bad seat…both…neither?

Thigh braces?
Could your thigh braces be too low? If they are, they can force the knee down and put a lot of undue pressure on the hip joint.

Don’t ignore hip pain while kayaking. What you may think is a short-term injury can set you up for permanent joint damage. Same for the shoulder.

Solution: get a kayak with a bit more depth and/or saw out the thigh braces. I did the latter and gained a lot of relief. Also try elevating the front of your seat a bit—a pool noodle sliced in half the long way is good for this.

To my knowledge, there are no thigh braces in mine. Just a seat. Adjustable foot rests. That’s it.

I searched for
thigh braces on the internet…after seeing them I am convinced…my kayak has none. Therein may lie the problem.

That’s not your problem
Thigh braces won’t improve hip pain. Try support under your knees.

will do…
either tomorrow, Sunday or Monday! THanks for the advice. (But, in all honesty, it only happened once so far.)

So my seat broke. I decided to go simple in replacing it. Just glued a seat Cushion to boat and a hunk of foam for back rest.

I have more room and it’s easier entering or exiting. Back support doesn’t seem an issue.

The problem I had in about an hour test paddle is my feet went numb. When I got out of the boat could hardly walk.

What could cause this? What tweak is needed?

thigh cushion for hips & numb feet
Seal line makes the best one I’ve seen but any cushion will help as will stretching before and after paddling.

Could be many things…
If it continues, I would consult with a doctor.

If you have a desk job or otherwise sit too much, its fairly common to develop hip pain because the hip capsule and piriformis muscle can get very tight. The hip pain can be intense, and not only hurt while kayaking, but even when driving for extended periods.

There are a few good stretches for this. One good video is at .

If you are overly tight you will find out immediately when you try the stretch.

Greg Stamer

Try a Snap Dragon Back band
or look into one.

My wife swears by hers, and it can be adjusted like you want it to.

I just don’t know how it will work out with your seat

Jack L

You may be putting pressure on the sciatic nerve where it runs along the pelvis. Google PT stretches for sciatica or piriformis syndrome. Also not sitting up straight can cause a bulging disc to put pressure on the sciatic nerve which can be felt as pain anywhere from the back/hip/leg/ to the foot