Seat or Back Band for Phoenix Isere?

-- Last Updated: May-23-05 5:37 PM EST --

Anybody have suggestions for this? See the boat at

I've been paddling with the bare original seat pan and a block of 3" high density foam as a back support. This is tolerable, but last Saturday I paddled a Necky Manitou, Perception Carolina and Perception Shadow and like the seating arrangements in all of those more than what I'm using in my Phoenix Isere. The Shadow felt especially good to me.

There aren't any outfitters that I'm aware of within 90 miles of Urbana-Champaign, IL where I can take the boat to get some assistance, so I was wondering if anyone else has the Isere or a similar boat and what works well for them for seating / back support.

The folks at Phoenix don't provide much guidance in this area.


You should be able to…
…mount a commercial back band to the stock cheek plates. It will require drilling a couple of holes, but that’s about it.

Which band would you reccommend?
There aren’t any to look at in this part of IL. I don’t know anything about back bands.

Thanks for the info.

Phoenix Isere
I remember the Isere from way back. The stock seats have solid risers to the coaming, so you could easily mount an aftermarket back band by simply drilling two holes. Check the NRS website for their own backbands, or try REI for the NSI backbands. I use a NSI Touring in my QCC 500x and am quite happy with it.


Thanks for those suggestions Jsaults.
I’ll check into them.

Bomber Gear and Immersion Research…
…make excellent backbands as well. Stick with the smaller ones like the I.R. “Reggie”.

Thanks Bnystrom.
Do you recommend any particular suppliers for these?

I just go with…
…whoever’s cheapest at the time. If you do a quick web search, you should come up with several vendors.