Seat Pad for my Majic?

I just returned from my first trip with my Bell Majic. I had a problem with my legs and butt going numb. I have a web seat that I made into a slider. Its raised about 1/2" in the rear. Has anyone tried the Yakpads or SKWOOSH Gel pad?

I like the skwoosh pad. I won’t go out without it. I have never tried the yakpads.

The problem is the seat angle

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Pads might help but won't solve the problem.

Your seat is essentially flat. It needs to be canted with the back higher than half an much..I dont know..experiment by taking the seat out and putting the back edge supported on magazines and books and similarly on the front with the front lower..

Just a fraction of an inch may be all it takes to avoid sciatica..

Alternatively if you have a Thermarest Z rest as it folds into sections you can experiment with different fold layuouts to find how much higher to go in the back.

gotta love those P net pop up ads...I just came back and got this offered..

I feel your pain!
The standard seats of Magics, and most other canoes, cause my butt to fall asleep very quickly. I solved that by installing a custom unit in my boat.

But many friends have installed a “bucket” from Eds Canoe and reported great success. Look at how the front seat cross member is relieved for your thighs.