Seat pad for Perception Eclipse 17?

I have a 2 week kayak trip coming up in a couple of weeks. I’ll be spending an average of 10 hours a day in the yak. The gel pad on the seat of my kayak has largely worn out and I need to replace it before the trip so by butt doesn’t go numb.

What do ya’ll recommend as a good seat pad or gel pad replacement that will fit my model boat? Perception Eclipse 17 rotomold, 17’ long, 22.75" wide, cockpit opening 19"X24".

I’ve heard good things about this brand:

They also advertise here.

If you’ll be in fresh water;
try a “Yak Pad”. that is what my wife uses in her Shadow which is just a smaller version of the Eclipse

If salt, don’t the gel will melt out of it

jack L

Thanks for the suggestions.

I was having a problem also and had
a couple of foam pads from a local store that looks similar to a kitchen chair seat and has a “handle hold”. Mine is red and since putting it on my yak seat, I’ve a much more comfortable ride. I did put a large shoestring around the handle part and slip it over the back of my seat for a tether. Works for me.