What is the best seat placement for the Aire Lynx 1 for the most control? Fore, Center, or Aft?

Try center first, and then shift a bit
back if you have trouble swinging the bow. Remember that “center” does not mean where your butt is, because your legs out in front of you are a factor. So your butt will be a little behind center.

Depends on the water level.

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I don't have a Lynx, but have owned/used three other high-end duckies(including an Aire Force).

If it's my first time down a Class III or higher river with say "interesting geology," then I forget all about leg room, center, etc., and move my seat/thwart/ass all the way to the fore or as far as thigh straps permit.

PS...I do this especially when intending to boof any ledges or drops over two feet.