Seat puts my legs to sleep

I built a couple of pygmy boats a few years ago and I’ve been having a blast with them ever since. The problem is that after about an hour my legs go to sleep and the rest of the ride is a bit uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter where I set the peddles or how I set my feet. I’ve been in a couple of other boats where I don’t have this problem. Can anyone suggest a good seat replacement?

Works for Us
Here’s a link to the seating we use in our VOLKSKAYAKs.

a lot of folks add support under thighs
to help alleviate this issue. I have come to appreciate the ability to raise the front edge of the seat in my kayak, for this very reason. When the adjustment slips over time I start to feel the legs asleep issue, and that reminds me to raise it back up.

Raising legs
I’ll try a towel rolled under my legs. I’ve heard about that before but it sounded to simple. But the price is right and if it doesn’t work there’s nothing to remove. Now let’s see if I can remember to pack an extra towel the next time I go out. If I’m real lucky I’ll remember to post the results.

Inflatible Paddle Float
If your paddle float is of the blow up variety, inflate one side and slide it under your legs. Makes for one less item to carry.

pool noodles work too