Seat recommendations

I bought an assembled Pygmy Coho last year. It had the standard little rectangular inflatable seat. It works OK but my butt gets sore after a couple of hours. Any ideas for a replacement?

I’m looking to learn to roll next summer and the Coho is a bit loose on me (5’8" 175lbs) so I probably want something more contoured.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

Redfish makes a great custom seat and likely has plans for your boat already.


Happy Bottom Pad
I have a Pygmy Arctic Tern 14 and had the same comfort issues with their included Thermarest seat cushion. I bought a Happy Bottom Pad (now available through CLC boats, but you could probably find it elsewhere online, too). I had to cut off the foam “wings” on each side to allow the seat bottom to fit in the Tern, and then I cut minicell foam blocks into hip wedges and glued them on the wood braces for a good custom fit. Very easy, and I’ve been using this now for 13 years. Good luck!

foam seat
agree with previous 2 posts


I’ve got 2 Sterling boats - they come with Redfish seats

I’ve got an Epic 18X and replaced the seat with a Redfish seat (as many others have).


minicell foam
Minicell foam is typically used for the seat bottom and back and hip pads as needed. This is discussed at length in various posts on the forum at You can do a search on that topic for diy instructions etc.

Second that seat
I have them in two of my kayaks. Best seat for a kayak that I’ve tried.

I whole-heartedly agree with the minicell contingent. Minicell is easy and rewarding to work with and the very worst effort yields better control and comfort than the that Thermarest pad.

Redfish has some good options and you don’t need to spring for their Gucci-Minicell seat at $165. You can get a pre-sculpted blank for $55 that only requires tuning and shaping to fit in your hull or for $12 you can get a bunch of handy sized pieces of minicell, glue some together and start sculpting. Seattle Sports sells some nice minicell blocks. too. I promise that your first effort, no matter how ugly, will work better than the T-rest pad.

All of my boats end up with foam seats and I am so much happier for it.

Here are some photos of My Tern 14 and some foam applications.


For the advice everyone.

Pre sculpted Block
Where /who sells them?

Another choice
My buddy has a couple of Pigmies and he chose to install real seats built by NC Kayaks. These seats are solid fiberglass and will last a lifetime. NC builds these seats for their own composite sea kayaks. I think my buddy paid about $60 each for his seats.

Go to You will have to call them for details about the seats, but you should be able to see the seats in the pictures of their boats. The phone number is on the website.