Seat replacement Old Town Cayuga.

I have a 2001 OT Cayuga poly boat that works great for me but the Extrasport factory seat is what some paddlers call a “Barcalounger seat”—that is, a high foam seat back that looks pretty cool but is a pain in the back. Despite three height adjustments, the seat back is a killer for me after a couple hours and still sits too high in the lowest position. I’d like to replace it with a back band. My WS Zephyr had an aftermarket back band installed before I bought it and the Pygmy I use has a simple Pygmy backband. Both are much more comfortable than the Extrasport. So, I want to replace at least the seat back with a simple backband. Have any of you had experience with this task on a plastic kayak or can you recommend an instruction video? Thanks in advance for any info. I’d sell the kayak, but it’s such a good cruiser that I want to keep it.