Seat Replacement, Rascal

Was curious if anyone could weigh in on whether or not this seat could possibly be used to replace the factory-original seat on an older Wilderness Systems Rascal kayak?

Or…other ideas…? I need a seat that’s just a bit wider than the old and I know this Necky ACS seat would be wider - just don’t know if too wide for the Rascal.

Seat Replacement, Rascal

my dirago seat
fell apart. the plastic fittings were cheap and broke over time.

I am currently holding it to my boat with webbing stretched from pad-eye to pad-eye on opposite sides of the cockpit.

When I contacted OT, they recommended this seat as the replacement BUT, it didn;t have the same adjustments as my original so there would be two large holes outised my cockpit that I’d ened to patch.

IF it fits your boat, be aware that some of the fittings may not match, forcing you to drill new bolt-holes and patch others.

Hereis a thought
IF you call the manufacturer and talk to a cust svc rep, they should be able to tell you if the seat will fit.

It took a half dozen e-mail exchnges discussing the situation with my Dirago before i decided to buy parts and fix my existing seat over replacing the broken one with the newer model.

I just didn’t feel like patching more holes! Especially holes large enough for my adjustment ratchet.

I find that the cust svc people either know or they will take the time to talk to the shop and get the info you need.

The other option is to hope that someone here reads your post and actually HAS done exactly that thing… which is a long-shot.