seat replacement?


Looking to replace the seat in my Future Beach sit-in kayak. All I can seem to find online are sit-on seats. Does anyone know where I can find sit-in seats, or can I get a sit-on seat? Appreciate any advice!

Check out websites for homemade wooden boats as the seat may be a separate order.

two options
Option 1. make you own

Option 2. have someone else make one


You can get replacement seats from some kayak dealers. They usually have to order it from their distributor. I got one from the Valley Distributor.

Another Option
I’m not at all familiar with your kayak, but here’s a link to the seating we use in the VOLKSKAYAK…maybe it’d do the job for you…



one from my bookmarks

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This is the seat I have in my kayak.

I got the Valley foam seat for my wife's boat. They're very similar, and we both love them. The Valley seat is covered with fabric, and a bit more durable. It costs nearly twice as much though.