Seat selection advice requested!

Hi friends! I am building a CLC Mill Creek 16.5, and want some advice on what seating I should install. The kit comes with slat seats, but I’m aging and my ass is going to feel it. What drop in seats do you recommend for an open cockpit double kayak?

Hi I saw your post yesterday and was interested in your boat build and looked up the design and watched some vids and looked at some pics.

Looks like a fun project and I agree the slat seats seem to fit the design and look great with the boat but don’t look very comfortable for a long paddle.

I thought you would get some replies from others more knowledgeable than I, but the first thing that came to my mind is some custom seat cushions that could tie to the slat seats.

On the other hand I reworked my Old Town canoe without the idea of styling and more for function from a tandem to a solo and I ditched the hard plastic bucket seats and went with a cheap stadium mesh framed seat from Walmart 20 bucks that I cut all the junk off the bottom that holds it to a bleacher and attached the framework to the boat a different way. I have sat in it for pretty much 6 hours straight and found it very comfortable. The mesh lets it breath. It also comes high enough up my back and has a curve for lumbar support. Folds down for transport.

I don’t know how that would look or fit in your boat. Here is a picture showing mine in the canoe. :canoe:

Hi, thanks for the input! I like your mod seat, looks great. At this point I’m pondering just having a seat cushion and leaving the back. The seats are designed to be drop in, so not a huge deal to replace later.

Depending on what PFD you wear that will give your back some comfort and a pad to suit below should work.

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