seat/thigh pads adjustment tip

I may be the worst foam carver-sander in the history of adjusting hip and thigh pads. I was picking up some material to cover up my latest hack job and discovered that JoAnn Fabrics (a nation wide chain) carries 3mm, 5mm and 8mm fabric coated neoprene foam exactly the same as my wetsuit.

I just had to spray 3M contact cement, slap the new covers in place, perfect adjustment that looks like it came from the factory.

I may even try it on my wet socks that have holes in them.

Not just for covering up mistakes
I put some very thin nylon-covered neoprene over minicell thigh brace padding on one boat to improve grip when bare knees were wet. Wet minicell was slippery when rolling.

Thanks for the suggestion to try Joann Fabrics. There was one in my old stomping grounds; don’t know about now, but maybe they’d ship some elsewhere.

Peel and stick dense neoprene is
available, though one may have to hunt a bit. Peel and stick minicell is commoner.

I’ve sometimes built up a knee cup or thigh pad from layers of peel and stick. Going a layer at a time avoids big carving mistakes.

Thanks for the tip…