Seat upgrade for Pelican sit on

Hi all. I am a fairly new paddler. Have a Pelican sit on kayak that I really like except for the seat. I’d like to upgrade my seat but don’t have any idea what seats are comfy and compatible with my kayak. The Pelican site isn’t that great as far as options in my opinion. It is on a raised metal frame which I like so my butt doesn’t get as wet. I’ve been down an endless rabbit hole of info but still cannot seem to find an answer. Please advise. Thx!

Walmart and a lot of places like that or on line sell stadium seat back seats intended to attach to a stadium bench and provide you a soft seat with a back.

With a little DIY you can figure out a way to take off what you don’t need of the seat and then attach these to your sit on top boat. They cost about $20-$25.

I have a friend that put one on his fishing SOT and I used one on my canoe. Here is a photo of mine. :canoe: