Seat upgrade, or aftermarket backband?

From my research, it seems as though paying for an upgraded kayak seat come out about the same as purchasing an aftermarket backband. I am wondering what peoples thoughts are on this issue. I am not nearly as interested in cush for my tush, as I am in having serious lumbar support for good paddling posture. In case it effects your opinion, the kayak I am seriously considering is a Boreal Design Kasko. As always, your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Seat Upgrade
Hi Nick. I am going to be ordering the Boreal Ookpik very soon, with the updgraded seat and back support. The standard one that came with it just did not feel comfortable enough.


Have you looked into backbands?
Hi Dave:

Have you looked into backbands? From what I have read on this site, the Immersion Research backbands are very highly thought of, and cost less than the upgraded Boreal seat. Of course, an aftermarket backband changes nothing about the bottom of your seat. What bothered you more about the stardard Boreal seat, the back support, or the bottom?

For serious lumbar support…
Check out NSI, I one one in one of my boats and love it…

How does NSI compare with IR?
Both seem to be highly regarded by the folks around here. Are there any factors that would lead one to go one way or the other?

nsi v. ir

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i have had both. the construction and feel are quite similar. the ir reggie is (or can be, depending on your particular boat) easier to install, the nsi whitewater offers a lumbar support which i find very helpful. i recommend avoiding the nsi's "touring" model which is too high and restricts movement.

the nsi has "power posts" which, at least in my boat, seem totally useless but can be easily tucked away or sawn off.

the ir's ratchets were a bit more "twitchy", imo--i found it pretty easy to accidently undo the lock on the ratchet and mess up my settings. so far the nsi has had no problems. unlike most, i suspect, i do tend to ratchet myself in pretty regularly rather than "set it and forget it."

the ir has a big logo on it. the nsi is sparkly.

i like them both, with a slight edge to the nsi.

your results may vary.

Now add Snap Dragon into the mix…
In addition to the NSI I have a Snap Dragon backband in my expedition boat… The “power posts” of the NSI limits my access behind the seat so I use it on my day boat. The NSI seems to feel better when mounted a little lower than the Snap Dragon… When I switch them around they don’t feel as good.

I think you have the major players now and whichever one you choose should be much better than the stock one…

I have a QCC kayak and put the whitewater model backband with lumbar plunger. Personally, I would have preferred it did not have the plunger as I don’t need it. The posts were hard to install but really help to keep the band where I want it.

ONNO’s chair seat
I almost quite using my boat. I tried everything. The seat is very light and comfortable. I really plugs you into the boat (hips). The back of the seat is adjustable. It’s easy to put in. I wrote a review on the seat.

Go look at it and good luck!