seat w/back for floor mount tractor seat

Anyone have a recommendation for a seat or seat back for a Wenonah floor mount tractor seat?

back bandl
I have seen a wenonah J180 rigged up with a back band .

Obviously (since it was from the gunwales )it affected the ease of sliding.

go to just about any hardware store and you can buy replacement lawn tractor seats in many different configurations

Try Piragis

Wenonah sells a seat back like this…

It is designed for the floor mounted tractor seat in Wenonah boats. Wenonah also sells one for webbed seats. I have never tried it, so no first hand experience…

Make one yourself

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Use two aluminum angles bolted to the seat tubes to hold a hinge that attaches to the verticle back rest and spine. The Cushgear back rest listed above is a good looking one if your not interested in making one.

If you want to change everything
please consider out seats too.

Several options for mounting.

Seat back
Unfortunately, the seat dosen’t work on the ped according to the guy in the storeastal mount

This seat back won’t work on the floor mount

Good tip. Thanks

Wenonah Bucket Seat Backband is Best
I have the Wenonah Prism with the slider bucket seat and have installed the bucket seat back band from wenonah (also from Chosen Valley Canoe Accessories). I heard from some that this backband is not for the slider seat but it works just fine. the adjustment straps on the backband easily adjust to your seat placement. Plus, my gunwales are wood and with the instructions provided the install looks professional and is strong. Jim

Wenonah seat with a slight mod
Yes, you can mount the Wenonah Bucket Superseat or the Cush Gear backrest with a slight modification. What you need to do is install two Footman’s loops at the edge of your seat pan on either side so that you can attach the back support bands. There’s plenty of room and they are not very intrusive.

(scroll down until you find the injected nylon Footman’s loop, not the large)

Just drill a couple holes into the plastic seat pan and use some stainless machine screws, nut and washers to secure them. Works great and you can still slide along the pedestal.