Seating on canoe

I have a Radisson 12 point, my problem is that I need to put in my canoe a seat that I can get up and down and to use it during fishing. I can’t use the knees like I use to! I rather buy a seat that allows me comfort and low in the middle of it. Since I injured my knees when I was younger the kneeling completely out of the question! So anyone that has any opinion on what type of seating I can get, this also has to be good for lower back problem!

Want comfy –
Get a tractor style seat

Then get some ridge rest foam from J & J canoe , (or most canoe outfitters). Cut a few pieces the size of the seat and then cut butt ovals for each of your cheeks.

Glue them in with contact cement, taking care to press the cheek part down to conform with the seat.

Not sure about the back, but you should be comfortable all day long.

Jack L

Knee stretching with weight on foot holding thigh still then lifting weight with knee motion of 4-5 inches strengthens the tendon running from knee to shin. The exercise lubes knee’s internal pads. The exercise has a specific name from bicycling, currently forgotten begins with a G

Have you tried working with the vastus medialus ? The vastus is often neglected leaving knee cap out of position. Sit down legs outstretched but bent slightly and push down with leg onto heel: Isometrics. Repeat several times and work into this. I have this from Jane Fonda who injured a knee then wrote a book on this. Works AAA

I’m also trying a tractor with options of raising and lowering intransit. Cutting sides down for more lateral room is possible.

Take a look at


Lower back is exercise and stretching. Can you do a brace stretch ? bend knees, hold arms outstretched, bend upright at waist then rotate torso left right left right ?

Stretch muscle group top of pelvis.

Foot support helps with
The back. Pushing against nothing when paddling causes back strain when seated

So add foot support too and only after consider a backband

my experience
For me and many others I have paddled with weather they “kneel” or not, it is easier to stand up-get in and out of a canoe with a high seat. You can get your feet under you easier to lift yourself. people have more trouble doing this when sitting low on the bottom.


shin - foot lift is
for chondromalacia. Good for daily morning warmup. And chondro…

Domo Arigato
Mr. Roboto!

GCI Sitbacker
I bought this for my ex-wife when she started having lower back pain while canoeing. It also raises you up about 2" higher making it a bit easier to stand. I liked it so much I got myself one too. It straps right to the existing seat.